the holiday guide by boucheron

There are a thousand occasions – and as many ways – to celebrate.
One thing is sure: the best celebrations are shared with others.
Maison Boucheron assembled its ambassadors for an exceptional evening.
Each brought her own touch of magic. Staying for dinner?

the dress code

All that glitters!

It's time to get out your most glittering outfits and prepare your most dazzling smiles.

As low as €6,850
As low as €7,650

the decorations

When it comes to Christmastrees no matter their size, color and shape... 

Choose the tree at the height of style. 

the menu

An easy recipe to delight your guests: Quatre Classique. 
13.88 grams of yellow, pink and white gold, sprinkled with a little brown PVD and lots of diamonds. All that's left to do is to dig in!

As low as €11,450

the gift

Our ambassadors will help you find the perfect gift. No wrapping paper this year, but rather a more durable box made of aluminum and wool felt.