behind the scenesOr Bleu

For ' Or Bleu ', it all began in Iceland. Discover how the beauty of these raw landscapes inspired the  Carte Blanche collection by Claire Choisne. These creations were echoed by two other artists: Jan Erik Waider and Molécule. 

claire choisne  

To create the Or Bleu collection and convey the power and beauty of water in these 26 creations, the Creative Director travelled to Iceland for her inspiration.

Jan Erik Waider

The Maison called on Jan Erik Waider, a German photographer specializing in Nordic nature. As part of this collaboration, he followed in the footsteps of Claire Choisne to capture the landscapes that inspired the pieces in the collection. 


Boucheron also collaborated with Molécule, a French artist known for capturing sounds in the natural environment and then processing them to create electronic music. Molécule also traveled to Iceland to capture the sounds of these landscapes, which he then mixed to produce an electro soundtrack dedicated to the collection.

boucheron true stories 

Water is precious. The Maison heard from Claire Choisne, Jan Erik Waider, Molécule and other Boucheron artisans across a series of podcasts.