Boucheron diamonds

Natural diamonds are one of this planet’s most exquisite treasures.

Born through a process taking billions of years, they are formed in rare locations under the earth’s crust. 

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Cut. Color. Clarity. Carat. Four essential characteristics, known as the "4Cs", for choosing the perfect diamond. At Boucheron, we have added a fifth: intention.
We believe that the real value of a stone lies in the emotion that it conveys.

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traceability & diamonds

The diamonds we use in our Jewelry and watches must come from suppliers  which meet the RJC Code of Practice certification, and which respect our standards.

Our diamond suppliers are also expected to comply with the Kimberley Process and World Diamond Council System of warranties.

However, we know that certifications and frameworks are not enough on their own. Assurance will only come when we obtain full traceability so that we can undergo proper due diligence to ensure that every actor or entity involved in the full extraction and manufacturing process is compliant with our standards.

Boucheron supports and values industry efforts toward more traceability and responsible practices, but we believe stronger momentum is needed to achieve transparency in the diamond industry. There are still concerns hanging over certain diamond-producing regions and mines, which is why full traceability down to the mine is a crucial target for us.

Since 2016, we have been working toward full traceability of all our diamonds by 2025, and we are committed to obtaining accountability for our entire value chain, from mine to workshop. We know that complete confidence in this traceability is the way to be clear that our sustainability standards are met by our partners every step of the way – this then gives us the choice to work with partners to improve practices or to source from others.

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étoile de paris

The Étoile de Paris collection launched in 2022, and soon on our full bridal offer, provided full traceability of its raw materials, from the center and paved diamonds to the platinum, certified RJC CoC. 
The innovative traceability system for the center diamond was developed in partnership with Sarine Technologies, the world leader in diamond technology solutions.

Thanks to its innovative Diamond Journey™ technology, it is now possible to identify the center diamond and track it through each stage of its 
life cycle.

Through this technology, we gain better control over our supply chain, ensuring our diamonds go through the hands of carefully selected partners, from the mine to the workshop, ensuring full compliance with our social and environmental standards. We can also give our customers the most advanced and reliable diamond traceability certificate available, where they can trace the unique journey of their stone on an interactive digital platform. 

diamonds - étoile de parisdiamonds - étoile de paris

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