spread your wings

freedom in the air

This season, Plume de Paon gives you wings. The new titanium and white gold creations are an ode to lightness. Ready to take the plunge?

As low as €24,750
As low as €6,050

as the wind blows

Boucheron's iconic natural motif, the Plume de Paon is now lighter than ever with the use of titanium, a material 3 times lighter than gold. In a gradation of blue, the strands of the titanium Plume set with diamonds, sapphires, tanzanites and tsavorites come alive in the wind.

as free as the wind

Diamond-paved white gold creations shimmer with movement. Light and supple, the feather's strands flutter, making the diamonds sparkle.

As low as €36,100
As low as €19,100

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