Gold has been worked since time immemorial, and it embodies purity and majesty. The term “gold” originates from an old Germanic word meaning “yellow,” evoking the light of dawn and the sparkling rays of the rising sun. A noble metal with a hardness of 5 on Mohs’ scale, gold is non-oxidizing, which means that its shine resists the effects of time.

Boucheron Gold High Jewelry cape

Since pure gold is very malleable, it is always used as an alloy to increase its resistance. The alloy can also change the natural yellow hue of pure gold to obtain white, gray or pink gold.

For its creations, the Maison uses 18-carat or 750/1000 gold, an alloy composed of 75% pure gold which ensures that the gold does not change shape or deteriorate, and that prevents air or water oxidization.

Yellow gold

750/1000 yellow gold symbolizes fidelity.
This alloy is made up of gold (75%), silver (12.5%) and copper (12.5%).

Boucheron Yellow gold necklace
Boucheron white gold Question Mark necklace

White gold

750/1000 white gold represents friendship.
This alloy is made up of gold, silver, palladium and rhodium.

Pink gold

750/1000 pink gold symbolizes love.
This alloy is made up of gold (75%), copper (20%) and silver (5%).

Boucheron pink gold flower