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because of love

Jewelry is an expression of love for yourself or someone you care for. 
For if love is without reason, then it is a reason for everything. 
And likely the least reasonable of all. 
That which cannot be explained, and yet explains everything.

Because of love - 4cs - diamondsBecause of love - 4cs - diamonds

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Cut. Color. Clarity. Carat. Four essential characteristics, known as the "4Cs", for choosing the perfect diamond. At Boucheron, we have added a fifth: intention.
We believe that the real value of a stone lies in the emotion that it conveys.

Because of love - etoile de parisBecause of love - etoile de paris

traced diamonds

100% traceable from mine to workshop, the Étoile de Paris engagement ring is inspired by the famous Place de l'Étoile. In collaboration with Sarine Technologies, Boucheron has ensured the sourcing of each diamond, making this ring a completely transparent creation. 

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Because of love - Pivoine engagement ringBecause of love - Pivoine engagement ring

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Because of love - Quatre wedding bandsBecause of love - Quatre wedding bands

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Because of love - Savoir-faireBecause of love - Savoir-faire


The Maison's craftsmen are located on the top floor of 26 Place Vendôme. It is here that they perpetuate Boucheron's jewelry-making savoir-faire and innovate to bring the studio's most daring designs to life. Each creation carries this Parisian heritage to accompany you in the most beautiful moments of your life. 

Because of love - facetBecause of love - facet


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Boucheron offers you the possibility to personalize your engagement ring. Make an appointment in store to find out more.