Hôtel de la Lumière

Perles d'éclat

Legend has it that Dom Pérignon had wanted to banish the bubbles in the champagne of the 17th century before realizing that they were what defined the unique quality of the wine, giving it its beauty and aroma. The Perles d’éclat (Pearls of radiance) set evokes this “nectar of the gods” through its sparkle, effervescence and airiness.

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To create is to remember

The Perles d’éclat jewelry set reminds us of the vintage champagne bubbles that rise merrily to the surface, celebrating festive moments at the legendary Hemingway bar of the Ritz hotel.

Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954, Ernest Hemingway (1889-1961) was also a faithful client of the Ritz, and certainly one of its most remarkable.

He would write with enthusiasm “When I dream of paradise, I find myself carried away to the Ritz hotel in Paris!” In the bar, renamed in his honor, one can still admire his Corona typewriter, and hear the story of how the manuscript for A Moveable Feast was found in a travel trunk left in the hotel basement, after 20 years.

The Magician of Stones

Solid and impenetrable, buried in the deepest rock with which it shares the strength, rock crystal is a unique stone; offering itself to the light to absorb it and in its turn glow with it, like a star rising from the earth’s center.

This is the fascinating quality of rock crystal dear to Frédéric Boucheron who often used it to adorn his objets d’arts and other pieces of fine craftsmanship.

The Perles d’éclat set perfectly illustrates the stone’s powers.

The Hands of Light

For the creation of this enchanting set, the craftsman has set himself the challenge of mastering the secret of the interaction of matter and light.

In order to counterbalance the weight of the crystal and lighten this dense but very delicate material, the 19 crystal bubbles have been painstakingly hollowed out, a task which has required hours of patience and skill.

The jeweler has created a mesmerizing and incredibly complex scene inside the crystal.

The Sparkle of Soul

This mysterious and yet very pure creation yields an essential secret that holds true for every piece in the Hôtel de la lumière collection: light can shine from everywhere, including and especially from the most unexpected places – from within.

The presence of diamonds in three crystal spheres calls us on a journey of the imagination: why not go from the lightness of a champagne bubble to the depth of numeral symbolism?