A Collection of Animals

A Collection of Animals

Animals symbolize virtues, character traits, or values. They become totems when mounted on a ring, a necklace, a brooch or earrings. Set with emeralds or sapphires by Boucheron’s gifted artisans, animals become precious and exclusive companions. Hummingbird or wolf, polar bear or white swan: over 20 different species fill the bestiary of the Collection of Animals.

Nuri, the Parrot long necklace Long necklace set with pavé tsavorites and orange, pink, purple, yellow sapphires, diamonds and purple cabochon sapphires, in pink gold

A playful and faithful companion, "Nuri", whose name means parrot in Indonesian, is a cockatoo with a magnificent plumage.
The parrot’s plumage symbolizes the elements of life such as the sun, water or fire. So it is quite natural that Nuri, the Parrot became the messenger of beauty and life for the woman who wears it.

2 cabochon purple sapphires, 0,07 carat
41 round tsavorites, 0,53 carat
195 orange round sapphires, 2,52 carats
75 purple round sapphires, 1,31 carat
69 yellow round sapphires, 1,29 carat
147 pink round sapphires, 3,19 carats
4 white round diamonds, 0,03 carat
Pink gold 750/1000, 31,78 g
Pink gold chain
Length: 90 cm

Hirunda, the swallows pendant Pendant set with pavé diamonds, in white gold

The swallows, sign of hope and happiness, is also the symbol of a dynamic personality. Messenger of good news and good health, it represents the return of the beautiful days. Hirunda, the swallow faithfully transposes the happy and light identity of the animal.

101 white round diamonds, 1,29 carats
Black lacquer
White gold 750/1000, 10,10g
White gold chain set with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds
Length: 44cm, with adjustment hoops at 40 and 42 cm

Hera, the peacock medallion Medallion in rock crystal, on pink and white gold, round cultured pearls, and diamonds

A symbol of immortality, peace and prosperity, the Peacock of a hundred eyes, like a loyal guardian, constantly charms and protects whomever it is attached to.
According to Greek mythology, the “eyes” that can be seen on the peacock’s tail were placed there by Hera.

619 round diamonds, 5,48 carats
3 pear diamonds, 0,22 carat
2 princesse diamonds, 0,40 carat
152 multi-colored round cultured pearls, 91,60 carats
1 gold round cultured pearl, 4,60 carats
Rock crystal, 12,00 g
Pink gold 750/1000, 24,07 g
White gold 750/1000, 6,80 g

Wolf Necklace Necklace set with emeralds beads, onyx, malachites and black lacquer, paved with diamonds, in white gold.

Stylized and graphic, this Wolf necklace combines Nature with the graphic codes of Art Deco. In shades of green, the emerald and malachite beads strike a contrast with the diamond coat of this wild animal.

813 round diamonds 8,31 ct
319 emeralds beads 127,70 ct
16 malachites 6,80 ct
26 onyx 7,27 ct
2 onyx 0,39 ct
Black lacquer
White gold 750/1000 37,17 g

Wolf Necklace Necklace set with tanzanites beads, onyx, sapphires and black lacquer, paved with diamonds, in white gold.

A forerunner in this area, year after year Boucheron captures the power of animals, now an inexhaustible source of inspiration. This graphically shaped necklace with its daring blues shading off into each other draws us into the chilly universe of the Boucheron Wolf.

1003 round diamonds 9,90 ct
354 tanzanites beads 125,48 ct
7 onyx 4,75 ct
2 sapphires 0,45 ct
Black lacquer
White gold 750/1000 41,98 g

Hopi, the Hummingbird Necklace Necklace set with morganite and paved with diamonds, in white gold, transformable in bracelet

Hopi the hummingbird watches over a sumptuous morganite suspended at the end of a white gold necklace. True to the tradition of versatility that is so dear to Boucheron, this necklace may also transform into a bracelet, if it pleases your style and mood.

1 oval morganite min. 53.00 ct
771 round diamonds 7.17 ct
60 round pink sapphires 0.60 ct
4 round sapphires 0.05 ct
Rock crystal 237.44 ct
White gold 750/1000 24.84 g