A Collection of Animals

A Collection of Animals

The audacious menagerie by Maison Boucheron

Both protective and precious companions, animals transform into jewels and come together to form a jewelry collection that is rich with creativity and vibrant with emotion.

Honu, the turtle ring Tiger's eye Ring set with a sculpted tiger’s eye, pavé diamonds and two round emeralds, in yellow gold

A symbol of eternity, the sea turtle is the incarnation of wisdom and prudence, and of the warmth of the seas where it lives. “Honu” means “turtle” in Tahitian.
The tiger’s eye gives reality to Honu, the turtle ring and its curved shell is finely sculpted to represent the scales.

1 cabochon tiger eye, about 23,90 carats
49 round diamonds, 0,92 carats
2 round emeralds, 0,03 carats
Yellow gold 750/1000, 15,20g

Héra, the peacock ring Ring set with pavé sapphires and diamonds, in yellow gold

A symbol of immortality, peace and prosperity, the Peacock of a hundred eyes, like a loyal guardian, constantly charms and protects whomever it is attached to.
According to Greek mythology, the “eyes” that can be seen on the peacock’s tail were placed there by Hera.
Like Cypris, the swan, the Héra, the peacock rings can be worn in a duo, with the jewels in inverted positions on the fingers, mixing the feathers of the two peacocks.

3 pear-cut orange sapphires, 0,83 carat
62 round orange sapphires, 1,21 carats
2 pear-cut yellow sapphires, 0,50 carat
91 round yellow sapphires, 1,35 carats
5 pear-cut diamonds, 0,08 carat
Yellow gold 750/1000, 10,64 g

Masy, the Chameleon Ring Ring set with paraiba tourmalines, purple, pink, orange, yellow and blue sapphires, and tsavorites, in yellow gold

In the myth of Creation as told by the Zulu tribes of southern Africa, the chameleon is sent by the gods as a messenger to mankind. It thus becomes a symbol of eternity and hope. Its gradation of rainbow colors depicts the path between the earth and the heaven.

224 round paraiba tourmalines 4,10 carats
27 purple round sapphires 0,70 carat
33 pink round sapphires 0,70 carat
45 orange round sapphires 1,01 carats
19 yellow round sapphires 0,42 carat
2 blue round sapphires 0,09 carat
27 round tsavorites 0,76 carat
yellow gold 750/1000 22,93 g

The Wolf Ring Ring set with yellow sapphires, in yellow gold

Protective animal by excellence, the Wolf emerges from a single block of carved yellow sapphires, reflecting its strength and wisdom. Its prodigious aura is expressed by a monochrome cut-to-fit stones.

Wolf power or spirit animals point to an appetite for freedom and living life powerfully, guided by instincts.

24 yellow baguette sapphires 4,18 carats
46 yellow square sapphires 8,80 carats
158 yellow round sapphires 2,15 carats
Yellow gold 750/1000 12,28 g