The chasing, engraving, or precious stones of the Boucheron bracelets express the creativity that drives the Maison since the very beginning. When fastened around the wrists of daring and strong women, they break all the codes of classicism.

Quatre Radiant Edition Cuff Bracelet Cuff bracelet set with pavé brown diamonds, in pink gold.

This cuff offers a surprising and modern new interpretation of the Quatre symbolic codes. Quatre's strong design, made of sculpted, graphic lines comes to life thanks to the Hands of Light who reproduce the collection's mythical visual codes on an open-work structure set with pavé diamonds.
The piece's open-work allows the light to shine in and offer the confort of a second skin.

1282 brown round diamonds, 13,81 carats
Pink gold 750/1000 65,24g

Quatre Classique bracelet Bracelet set with pavé diamonds, in yellow, white, pink gold and brown PVD

Paying homage to the Boucheron codes, the Quatre Classique bracelet celebrates the Maison’s savoir-faire and the skill of sculpting precious materials.
Each golden line represents an iconic code of the Maison and illustrates the talents of its craftmen.
The Quatre Classique bracelet is a real emblem of the Maison Boucheron.

12 round diamonds 0,18 carat
1 round diamond 0,03 carat
Yellow, white, pink gold 750/1000 6,06 g and brown PVD

Hans, the hedgehog bracelet Bracelet set with round rubies and black sapphire, on pink gold

Delicate and playful, Hans, the hedgehog represented by this bracelet is both rounded and spiky. The precision of the pink gold crafting adds surprising reality to the animal. One of the Maison’s signature codes, the Pointe de diamant motif, gives the jewel a mirror aspect, full of light and sparkle. A protective animal, Hans, the hedgehog sits tenderly on the wrist thanks to this dazzling and precious bracelet.

2 round rubies, 0,03 carat
1 black round sapphire, 0,02 carat
Pink gold 750/1000, 97,64 g

Serpent Bohème Bracelet S Motif Bracelet set in pink gold with diamonds

The art of the Magician of Stones consists in accentuating the brilliance of the stones by using the grain setting technique: the head of the serpent is highlighted and magnified. The dazzle of this line is enhanced by the delicate gold beads that surround them. All of this magic is reflected in the Serpent Bohème bracelet.

8 round diamonds, 0.33 carat
Pink gold 750/1000, 5.20 g

Quatre Clou de Paris Bangle Bracelet Pink gold bangle bracelet

The Clou de Paris traces the cobblestones of the Place Vendôme, suggesting a path through the City of Light.

Pink gold 750/1000 23,45 g

Quatre Grosgrain Bangle Bracelet Pink gold bangle bracelet

As an iconic code of the Maison, the Grosgrain motif acknowledges Frédéric Boucheron’s family who, as drapers, inspired the delicacy of his creations. It now takes the form of a ribbon of gold around the wrist.

Pink gold 750/1000 21,49 g

Serpent Bohème Bracelet S Motif Bracelet set with onyx, in pink gold

Bordering on impertinence, Boucheron has subtly reinvented this Serpent Bohème bracelet, imagining an even more elegant allure. Its dainty rose gold chain magnifies the onyx teardrop shape, which symbolizes the head of the serpent.

1 onyx 1,16 carats
pink gold 750/1000 2,11g
length 17,50 cm

QUATRE WHITE EDITION BRACELET Bracelet set with pavé diamonds, in yellow, white, pink gold and ceramic

Understated and stylish, this Quatre White Edition bracelet elegantly incorporates iconic Maison Boucheron motifs. The delicate mesh chain is available in rose, yellow and white gold, setting off the subtle white ceramic and flawless diamonds.

12 rounds diamonds 0,18 carat
1 round diamond 0,03 carat
Yellow,white and pink gold 750/1000 5,66 g
and white ceramic

Quatre Clou de Paris Bangle Bracelet Bangle bracelet set with 12 diamonds, in pink gold

Quatre's bold, graphic design appeals to people with sunny dispositions. Quintessentially Boucheron, the Clou de Paris bracelet pays tribute to Place Vendôme and its historical cobblestones. In diamonds pavé it is even more radiant.

12 princess diamonds 1,25 carats
Pink gold 750/1000 20,93 g

Python Bracelet Bracelet set with brown diamonds and emeralds, in pink gold

The Python delicately coils around the wrist with its paved diamonds. In rose gold, the serpent is vibrant and embodies the icon of Boucheron all the better.

2 498 brown round diamonds 53,92 ct
2 marquise emeralds 0,08 ct
Pink gold 750/1000 138,70 g

Serpent Bohème Bracelet, S motif Bracelet set with rhodolite garnet, in pink gold

The Serpent Bohème bracelet gently and sensually slips onto the wrist. The snake's head is made of rhodolite garnet and is subtly evoked with the iconic Boucheron drop motif.

1 rhodolite garnet 2,13 carats
Pink gold 750/1000 2,16 g

Quatre Clou de Paris Bangle, small model Bangle in pink gold, small model

This Quatre Clou de Paris Light version is wonderfully airy. The 16.98 carat pink gold bangle is painstakingly faceted to reproduce the cobblestones of a typical Parisian street. The delicate form of the bangle will inspire you to adorn your wrist with several models at once.

Pink gold 750 16,98g

Quatre Grosgrain Bangle, small model Bangle in pink gold, small model

Boucheron remains true to its icon with this Grosgrain motif Quatre creation, here in the subtle Light version. The work on the material, the light coming from it, the free spirit: all the ingredients are brought together here to make this a unique piece, just like the woman who wears it.

Pink gold 750 15,27g

Serpent Bohème Bracelet XS Motif Bracelet set in pink gold with diamonds

Boucheron reinvents the Serpent Bohème bracelet, from the iconic collection of the Maison. Its delicate pink gold chain features both finesse and elegance, and makes a gentle diamond-set, drop-shape wrist ornament.

8 round diamonds, 0.13 carat
Pink gold 750/1000, 2,87 g