From long pendant earrings featuring gold, rock crystal and precious stones to discreet stud diamond-spangled earrings, the power of fascination of Boucheron creations resides in the perfect balance between shapes and materials. Earrings match the face of their bearers, enhance their eyes and naturally brighten their beauty and charms.

Plume de Paon pendant earrings Plume de Paon pendant earrings, set with two rose-cut diamonds and pavé diamonds, in white gold

Feathers are at the heart of Boucheron’s history and heritage. Inspired by nature, Frédéric Boucheron innovated, over 130 years ago, with feather creations strong in symbolism and style. The Plume de Paon pendant earrings are born of Boucheron’s savoir-faire, enriched by a new technique exclusive to the Maison: the specific assembly of diamonds which replicates the suppleness of a real peacock feather. The Hands of Lights give life to the feathers.Thus, the creation moves with its wearer, like a feather ruffling in the gentle breeze.

2 rose-cut diamonds, 1,35 carats
782 round diamonds, 4,45 carats
White gold 750/1000, 28,80 g

Plume de Paon Ear clips Plume de Paon ear clips, set with two rose-cut diamonds and paved with diamonds, in white gold

The Maison Boucheron has always been known for for its daring and creativity. The Plume de Paon earrings in white gold set with diamonds attest to this desire to shake up established codes and to surprise by the originality of what is worn.

2 rose-cut diamonds 0,46 carat
188 round diamonds 0,64 carat
White gold 750/1000 11,30 g

Lierre de Paris pendant Earrings Pendant earrings set with black spinels and paved with diamonds, in white gold.

For Boucheron the night reveals some of the enigma of Nature. Wild, majestic and strong, it always triumphs over Humankind, as testified by these earrings with their cascading spinels and diamond-paved ivy leaves.

224 round diamonds 1,49 ct
1265 black spinels 67,90 ct
White gold 750/1000 18,21 g

Plume de Paon ear clips Plume de Paon ear clips, set with two pear shape morganites, paved with diamonds, in white gold

Born from the creative spirit of Frédéric Boucheron and the Maison’s unique savoir-faire, the Plume de Paon ear clips exceptionally match and enlighten the wearer’s face. Pink stones engage in a bright dance that breathes life into the diamond Plumes de Paon. The originality of this very contemporary piece and attractive power of the morganite’s pink nuances compose a sensual ode whispered in your ears.

2 pink pear morganites min. 2,50 cts
190 round diamonds 0,71 ct
2 rose cut diamonds 0,46 ct
2 pear diamonds 0,09 ct
White and pink gold 750/1000 17,00g
Retractable pin 8 mm