Nature Triomphante

Plume de Paon

The peacock feather has been at the heart of Boucheron’s creations and archives since almost 160 years. Inspired by the ethereal grace of the “peacock feather”, Frédéric Boucheron created the famous “Point d’Interrogation” necklace in 1883 – the first of a long line. Since then, the Maison’s high jewelry collections have regularly featured new takes on this stunning feather imagined by the design studio headed up by Claire Choisne.

Plume de Paon necklace Plume de Paon necklace, set with one rose-cut diamonds, pavé diamonds, in white gold

It was while “playing” with a peacock feather that Frédéric Boucheron and the head of the workshop imagined the Peacock feather necklace (Plume de Paon) : a jewel combining freedom, suppleness, lightness and unique creativity. Today, the Boucheron Maison revisits the feather, symbol of life, by revealing a modern approach to femininity. The Plume de Paon necklace is born of Boucheron’s savoir-faire, enriched by a new technique exclusive to the Maison: the specific assembly of diamonds which replicates the suppleness of a real peacock feather. The Hands of Light give life to the feathers.Thus, the creation moves with its wearer, like a feather ruffling in the gentle breeze.

1 rose-cut diamond, 0,50 carat
563 round diamonds, 4,47 carats
White gold 750/1000, 27,70 g
White gold chain
Length 83,00 cm

Plume de Paon medallion Medallion Plume de Paon in rock crystal, on white gold, round cultured pearls, and diamonds

Feathers are at the heart of Boucheron’s history and heritage. Inspired by nature, Frédéric Boucheron innovated, over 130 years ago, with feather creations strong in symbolism and style.
Today, the Boucheron Maison revisits the feather by revealing a fresh approach to femininity.
The Peacock feather collection (Plume de Paon in French) is born of Boucheron’s savoir-faire, this gives rise to exceptional creations, more vibrantly stunning and airy than ever.

589 round diamonds, 4,84 carats
2 princesses diamonds, 0,42 carat
1 rose cut diamond, 0,51 carat
1 pear diamond, 0,06 carat
138 round cultured pearls, 120,68 carats
Rock crystal, 11,80 g
White gold 750/1000, 30,80 g

Plume de Paon Pendant Plume de Paon necklace, set with one rose-cut diamond and pavé diamonds, in pink gold

Feathers have been a key motif in the Boucheron story since 1866. The masterful use of gold, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of how to create three-dimensional pieces, lend this rose gold necklace a floating structure and fluidity that exude strength and seduction.

1 rose-cut diamond 0,52 carat
563 round diamonds 4,47 carats
Pink gold 750/1000 25,01 g

Plume de Paon Necklace Necklace set with white topaz beads and paved with diamonds, in white gold.

In the skilled hands of the jeweler, the diamond and topaz peacock’s feather comes alive resplendent with realism. The tassel completes the creation giving it a definite Couture look.

15239 white topazes beads 578,20 ct
576 round diamonds 8,57 ct
1 pear diamond 0,06 ct
1 oval rose-cut diamond 0,25 ct
White gold 750/1000 38,91 g

Plume de Paon Necklace Necklace set with lapis lazuli beads and paved with diamonds, in white gold.

Slipped around the neck, the diamond and lapis-lazuli peacock’s feather gives the wearer an unprecedented seductive power.

16086 lapis lazuli beads 578,50 ct
571 round diamonds 8,02 ct
1 pear diamond 0,05 ct
1 oval rose-cut diamond 0,22 ct
White gold 750/1000 40,04 g

Plume de Paon Necklace Ring set with round diamonds, in white gold

This entirely diamond-paved white gold feather gently curls around your finger and figures a shimmering bond, loving alliance with nature.

96 round diamonds 0,33 carat
White gold 750/1000 3,37 g

Necklace Plume de Paon Necklace set with a rose cut diamond, paved with diamonds, in yellow gold

When worn around the neck, any movement will make its branches tremble. In yellow gold set with a rose-cut diamond, it glimmers, supple and sensitive to the lightest of breezes, as if nature had regained its rights.

1 diamant taille rose min 1,23 ct
30 diamants ronds 0,57 ct
Or jaune 750/1000 101,44 g
Titane 5,27 g

Bracelet Plume de Paon Bracelet set with a rose cut diamond, paved with diamonds, in white gold

As an echo to the iconic Point d'Interrogation necklace, this voluptuous bracelet features no clasp or joint and naturally curls around the wrist. There, it gently lays on your skin a white gold feather holding a soft rose-cut diamond. A true anthem to nature and beauty.

1 rose cut diamond min 0,40 ct
745 round diamonds 4,65 ct
White gold 750/1000 34,93 g

Plume de Paon necklace, medium model

An absolute icon of the Maison Boucheron, which chose it to create the legendary Point d'Interrogation necklace, today the peacock feather places its taste for freedom on display as a pendant. Suspended from a finely crafted white gold chain, the prodigiously flexible and spirited feather falls onto the skin like a breath of white gold paved with diamonds, punctuated by a rose-cut diamond.

1 rose-cut diamond 0.32 carat
259 round diamonds 1.02 carat
18K white gold
White gold chain

Plume de Paon pendant earrings, medium model

These white gold peacock feathers paved with diamonds shiver with the movements of their wearer. Smaller in size, full of lightness and virtuosity, these pendant earrings chiseled into extraordinarily flexible strands enclose a rose-cut diamond. As free as a breath of air.

2 rose-cut diamonds 0.34 carat
518 round diamonds 2.01 carats
18K white gold

Lierre de Paris

In its floral and plant designs, Maison Boucheron favors chance over fate, asymmetry over geometric formalism and organicity over order. Beneath the arcades of the Palais Royal where he opened his first boutique in 1858, Frédéric Boucheron could observe the wild ivy that had then conquered the city. Ivy has featured in the Maison’s collections ever since and has been reinvented with every new creation. The five new creations depict ivy, bejeweled and bold, twining around the wrist and neck, running between two fingers and adorning the ear.

Lierre de Paris Necklace Necklace set with pavé diamonds, in white gold

When Frédéric Boucheron opened his boutique in 1858 under the arcades of the Palais Royal, he noticed the unrestrained ivy flourishing in the city... Ever since, ivy has been weaving itself in and out of the Maison's collections, reinventing itself with each new design. This year the Maison presents a Lierre de Paris line in white gold and diamonds. In this short necklace, myriad ivy leaves seem to come to life, wrapping around the neck and creating a majestic look.

1 049 round diamonds 9,71 carats
white gold 750/1000 51,21 g

Lierre de Paris Necklace Necklace set with diamonds, in pink gold

The history of the Maison Boucheron was always inspired by Nature, and breathes life into it throughout the Nature Triomphante collection. The Lierre de Paris line makes use of the wild and delicate pattern of ivy. The pink gold Point d'Interrogation necklace delicately coils around your neck.

183 round diamonds 6.63 ct
Pink gold 750 140.17 g

Pensée de Diamants

The Pensée de Diamants is part of the Maison Boucheron’s history, and bears multiple messages. Pansies are wild and untamed flowers; they symbolize the pursuit of freedom. They are the messengers of the heart, and the wardens of feelings. On a ring, a necklace or a brooch, of bright diamonds and pure gold, the Pensée will be a faithful reflection of your love.

Pensée de Diamants Necklace Necklace set with diamonds, in white gold

The “Point d’Interrogation” (or question mark) necklace is a Boucheron classic. Designed with a “Pensée de Diamants” (diamond pansy), it has become even more iconic. In fact, the pansy has been an important flower for the brand since 1875. This full diamonds collection symbolizes attachment and fond memories.

3 rose cut diamonds 0,17 ct
764 round diamonds 10,52 ct
White gold 750/1000 61,34 g