Revolutionary and realistic as animals and flowers; graphic and minimalist as Quatre variations; lofty and immortal as Timeless creations: the uncompromising Boucheron rings reveal their bearers’ personalities as few things do.

Pensée de Diamants large ring Ring set with pavé diamonds, in white gold.

Iconic flower of the Maison Boucheron since 1875, the pansy symbolizes the attachment and the lovely memory that deliver a strong message: "I am thinking of You".

The gold of the ring is meticulously sculpted and polished by the Hands of Light to enhance the brilliance of the diamonds and create a captivating play of light.

3 rose-cut diamonds, 0,15 carat
437 round diamonds, 5,23 carats
White gold 750/1000, 20,1g

Lierre de Paris Ring Ring set with pavé diamonds, in white gold

For Boucheron, Nature is free, proud and wild. And when perceived in its truth, its beauty is magnified. This year the Maison presents a Lierre de Paris line in white gold and diamonds. This new ring embodies the indomitable nature of ivy; its leaves subtly settle on the finger, creating a look that is as elegant as it is wild. 

92 round diamonds 0,91 carat
white gold 750/1000 6,07 g

Lierre de Paris Hand Ring Hand ring set with pavé diamonds, in white gold

En matière florale et végétale, la Maison Boucheron préfère la part de hasard au destin, l’asymétrie au formalisme géométrique, la naturalité à l’ordonnancement. Boucheron imagine cette année une ligne Lierre de Paris en or blanc et diamants déclinée sous la forme d'une double bague, joaillière et audacieuse. Cette nouvelle création symbolise la vivacité des feuilles de lierre qui s’enroulent entre deux doigts, à l'image d'une nature sauvage et indomptée.

133 round diamonds 1,46 carats
white gold 750/1000 12,11 g

Nymphéa Ring Ring set with diamonds, sapphires and mother-of-pearl, in white gold

The Nymphéa ring in mother-of-pearl, diamonds, and sapphires was inspired by the hypnotic beauty of water lilies. The play on volume of the petals and pistils embellishes the finger in the most feminine way.

1 oval cabochon sapphire 0,70 ct
12 round cabochon sapphires 1,63 ct
Mother-of-pearl 13,35 ct
177 round diamonds 2,74 ct
White gold 750/1000 13,12 g

Plume de Paon Large Ring Plume de Paon ring, set with one rose-cut diamond and paved with diamonds, in pink gold

The feather-light design of the Plume de Paon ring is stunning. In the pink gold and diamonds version it sits sensuously over two fingers.

1 rose-cut diamond 0,51 carat
318 round diamonds 1,97 carats
Pink gold 750/1000 12,60 g

Plume de Paon Large Ring Plume de Paon ring, set with one rose-cut diamond and paved with diamonds, in white gold

A pure beauty of nature, the peacock’s feather is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Maison Boucheron. Its lightness is unmatched and it moulds to the shape of the body so that it becomes one with the wearer.

1 rose-cut diamond 0,51 carat
314 round diamonds 1,95 carats
White gold 750/1000 14,50 g

Plume de Paon Small Ring Plume de Paon ring, set with one rose-cut diamond and paved with diamonds, in white gold

The beauty and delicacy of the peacock’s feather (plume de paon) motif is captivating. It has been explored by the Workshop for almost 130 years. Worked with the greatest precision, the peacock’s feather seems to come to life as the wearer moves.

1 rose-cut diamond 0,30 carat
142 round diamonds 0,59 carat
White gold 7,80 g

Flocon Ring Ring set with a diamond and mother-of-pearl, paved with diamonds, in white gold.

Flocon takes the intricacy and delicacy of the snowflake, enlarges it to High Jewelry scale and gives it great graphic strength. Set with mother-of-pearl and diamonds, the Flocon creation reflects majestic Nature reasserting itself over Humankind.

1 round diamond min. 0,65 ct
180 round diamonds 1,85 ct
Mother-of-pearl 2,15 ct
White gold 750/1000 15,06 g