Colored stones

Since its creation in 1858, the search for the most sparkling colored stones has been central to our gem specialists.
The Maison Boucheron uses only high quality colored stones, be it for its High Jewelry pieces or bridal creations.

Boucheron Sapphire stone


Like the ruby, the sapphire is a variety of the corundum.

Although its most frequent color is vivid blue, there are also pink, yellow, orange and violet sapphires.

Sapphire mines vary greatly in location; most are situated in South East Asia (Sri Lanka, and Thailand) and Australia, but there are others in Brazil or in Africa (Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, etc.).

Today, the sapphire is admired as a stone with a soft, discreet beauty, and is never ostentatious. To give a sapphire is to give an elegant, powerful stone. Its deep color is at its most beautiful and sparkling in the daylight.

The Maison Boucheron is delighted to advise clients in their search for an original engagement ring with character, and it offers a selection of sapphires of all shapes and sizes.


Ruby, just like sapphire, is a variety of corundum. It has a distinctive vivid red color. While rubies vary in shades of red, the most prized shade is a deep, slightly bluish red. Moreover, it is the ruby’s color that defines its value, above its size or weight.

Rubies mainly originate in Sri Lanka and Thailand. There are also less important mines in Africa, Australia and some US states such as Montana and South Carolina.

The Maison Boucheron is delighted to advise clients in their search for an original engagement ring, and it offers a wide selection of rubies of all cuts, shapes and sizes.

Boucheron Ruby
Boucheron Emerald stone


Emerald is a variety of beryl with a distinctive green color and a slightly bluish undertone.

Most emeralds feature a certain number of inclusions that can be solid, liquid, or gas. A group of inclusions form what is referred to as the emerald’s “gardens.” Far from being a flaw, an emerald’s gardens give it a distinctive character and enhances its authenticity.

Most emeralds originate in Brazil, but can also be found in North America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Colombian emeralds are legendary for their unique beauty.

The Maison Boucheron offers a selection of emeralds of varying cuts, shapes and sizes.