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26 firsts

The 26 first times that the Maison Boucheron revealed its unparalleled expertise, innovation and unique sense of style.

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Vendôme boutique

If Frédéric Boucheron could visit the Hôtel de Nocé today, he would be immensely proud. Decade after decade, his family home confirmed its reputation as the Mecca of Parisian High Jewelry. It was recently renovated with inimitable style. Step inside for a guided tour.

Vendome Boucheron boutique
savoir faire & care expert with a precious stone

savoir-faire & care

Discover Boucheron savoir-faire and a few simple actions and precautions that will help you maintain the beauty and radiance of your jewelry.



As a traditional French High Jewelry Maison, Boucheron helps uphold and update the industry’s expertise, skills and techniques. Recognized as bold and visionary, the Maison makes the most of innovations at every level – from raw materials to boutiques –, taking into consideration its responsibilities toward the environment.

sustainable Boucheron diamonds
Question Mark Necklace, one of Boucheron's iconic creations

iconic creations

Frédéric Boucheron, first of the great contemporary jeweller to open a boutique on the Place Vendôme, has always been able to show his visionary spirit through his jewelry collections. This creative daring revealed over the years the true jewelry icons of the Maison. Each of them embodies the freedom to create spirit. From the question mark necklace, through the eternal flowers, to the collection of animals: All creations reflect the Boucheron savoir-faire.