Show-stopping sophistication. The art of limitless style. The absolute freedom to combine shapes, colors and materials until it forms a uniquely eclectic whole. Irrationally rational. The only rule is there are no rules.

free style is our style

Élégance revendicatrice, exercice de style libre. Libre de mélanger les formes, les couleurs et les matières, pour créer un tout unique et éclectique. Cohérent par son incohérence. La seule règle est de n’en suivre aucune.

style tips


From rings to bracelets and pendants to earrings, the Quatre collection gives anyone who wears it boundless creativity. The freedom to combine, stack, mismatch, shun the status quo, and take style to daring new heights.

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The Quatre collection is perfect for stacking and mismatching, so why not try some layering? Layering is best achieved by grabbing timeless classics from your closet. Double up the blazers, throw a tank over a tee, mix saffron with ivory and bronze with beige. It’s like a wild game of truth or dare between your clothes and this ear clip electrified with a bright white streak. Single, double, triple them up. Hop on the latest fashion train as a little darling or little devil.


Without question, this pendant gives you total license to mix and mismatch any style out there. Maybe snatch a plain oversized jacket from his closet and wear nothing underneath, except for a mound of pendants and ear clips. And there’s no rule saying you can't create your signature look by introducing a classic blazer and maxi dress to a pair of boots.


Already a legend, this bracelet wraps your wrist in ultimate sophistication. But it also has an adventurous side. Wear it with rings from the Quatre collection and it can hack fearless combos like an edgy blend of two classic jackets tied into one, an eye-opening pleated skirt and sparkly top outfit, or a material clash pairing a champagne dress with a cute denim jacket. Wear it solo as the final touch to a pretty modern vibe. Trench coat, long box-pleated skirt and suede boots. Or maybe dress down some classy flannel pants with a pair of sneakers and a chocolate brown leather jacket.

mix & match

Give free rein to your imagination and create your own style by mixing our iconic creations.



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serpent bohème

Multiple motifs, new combinations, and adventures in stylish hoops and torque chokers that renew its air of mystery and penchant for mix-and-match. Its motto goes like this: Ingenious style and classic vibe. Just like the Boucheron woman. With gentle gusto, Serpent Bohème has never felt so free.

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A style statement first, necklace second. The perfect pairing? An iconic little black dress with a modern twist of leather and tri-motif ear studs. This is jewelry with as much standalone power as a garment.


Just like jazzing up a little black dress with a stunning silk scarf, this head-turning long necklace craves a rendezvous with malachite and diamonds for an all-black look. Unless you lean more towards simple sophistication with a white tank over palazzo pants ensemble.


Iconic flair for a fabulous piece! When it comes to amping up this choker covered in gold and diamonds, how could you go wrong (or any wilder) than garnishing a little black dress with asymmetric lines, couture cuts and brazen materials? Sprinkle a few droplets of style on this bold look with the Serpent Bohème tassel bracelet.


Plume de paon or the cutest leopard cat: every woman has to claim these style statements as her own. Strong or beguiling, gentle or intense, she alone chooses how to wear it and unveil what makes her unique.

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These light and airy peacock feathers hug the body as it moves with the same poetic license as a cashmere sweater worn as a turban. What's the style tip? White gold and diamonds are wild about all the blue hues, from lavender and violet, to sky and even faded denim for a dash of contemporary meets casual.


Here’s a cat pendant that expertly blends tame with feral and daring with delicate. It's right at home dressing up the makeshift reverse neckline of a thin wool cardigan buttoned up the back, but equally as comfortable flattering the plunging V-neck of a form-fitting blazer or flirting with a shamelessly flamboyant top over basic black jeans.

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