double white

 is the new quatre icon

 This season, Boucheron presents the Quatre Double White Edition collection and adorns all of its codes with white.

Grosgrain and Double Godron are sculpted in white gold while the Clou de Paris in immaculate Hyceram complements the diamond line. 
Whether it's rings, ear clips, necklaces or even hair jewelry, Quatre Double White Edition is packed with light effects and a lot of style. Like a blank canvas offered to those who seize it.

It's your turn to play.

monochromatic force

In fashion as well as in jewelry, classics are endlessly reinvented. With Quatre Double White Edition Boucheron is writing a new chapter in the history of its icon.

In 2023, Quatre reveals all of its strength in a monochrome version.

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Straight from the Boucheron workshops, Quatre Double White Edition is already essential. This new collection combines white gold,Hyceram and diamonds in a powerful and graphic creation.