Size guide

Choose my Serpent bohème design

model wearing three Serpent Boheme necklaces

On the photo opposite, the model is wearing the XS necklace in a 38 cm (14.97 inch) length, the S necklace in 42 cm (16.8 inch) length and the L necklace in 44 cm (17.34 inch) length.

Serpent Bohème necklaces are available in varying lengths, and they ay be chosen to reflect your personal preference or style.

The dimensions are provided for information only.

If you have any questions, our representatives are available to assist you.

XXS: 7mm tall
XS: 9mm tall
S: 13mm tall
M: 18mm tall
L: 24mm tall
XL: 38.5mm tall
XXL: 47mm tall
XXXL: 47mm tall