boucheron unveils their new ginza flagship store

On the 8th of September 2023, Maison Boucheron will open its second largest store in the world, after its historical boutique at 26 Place Vendôme. “From Paris to Tokyo: a cutting-edge and creative journey”: here is the promise with this greater than 1000 square-meter large flagship, covering four floors, designed as a bridge between French and Japanese culture.

From its immersive facade displaying an ever-evolving interpretation of Boucheron through the four seasons, to the unique experience offered on each of its four floors, this new boutique is an exhilarating ode to nature: a theme dear to our Maison since its creation in 1858. This strong connection to nature is what I love the most about this place, as I am really attached to nature myself. It is also what brings Japan and France together: two countries which share the same love of nature.

I am very happy to welcome our Japanese clients to finally experience this journey.

Hélène Poulit-Duquesne, CEO de la Maison

an immersive experience, at the pace of nature

A Parisian garden at the heart of Tokyo: with this new flagship, the Maison wishes to offer a true journey, both creative and innovative, on the theme of Nature. 

To express this vision, the Maison has imagined a facade reinterpreting the architectural patterns of the Jardin d’Hiver (winter garden) at the heart of the historical boutique on Place Vendôme. This facade is transparent by day, showing the four floors of the Ginza Boutique. By night, displayed on the building facade is a larger-than-life forest: ever-changing by the hour, and by the four seasons. It is a poetic interlude in an urban environment; an immersive experience at the pace of the seasons.

Nature is expressed on the facade but also inside this new flagship, through screens designed as windows, which open on to the Boucheron forest. The Maison has also collaborated with composer, producer and sound artist Daniel Sonabend to conceive a soundtrack perfecting this immersive experience.

an encounter with the boucheron icons

The ground floor was designed to welcome the Boucheron icons. Nature thrives amongst the collections of “Quatre”, “Serpent Bohème”, “Jack de Boucheron”, “Nature Triomphante” and “Animaux de Collection”. Ivy, often depicted by Frederic Boucheron, crawls on the floor through a mosaic signed by French workshop Gaspard Mahieu. It is the work of infinite patience, crafted by six artisans and designed as a living depiction of Nature. 

The silk wallpaper was made to measure by Maison De Gournay: it also depicts the ivy motif, which seems to be brought to life along the alcoves. The tinted mirrors covering the walls were made by Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis.

Light is brought by chandeliers by Delisle, a French family Maison founded in 1895. These made-to-measure creations for the Ginza boutique are an echo to the majestic chandeliers of 26, Place Vendôme.

Lastly, at the back of this space, the visitor’s eye is drawn to a glass case with a halo, made by French atelier Pouenat: a work of art in golden metal, designed as a marquetry of different textures of brass, covered by gold leaf. This case displays the iconic Lierre de Paris Question Mark necklace, which extends the visitor’s stroll into the Nature of Boucheron.

travelling through time

The space on the ground floor showcases part of the Maison’s heritage. From the archives, four creations are displayed here, illustrating Boucheron’s love for Nature and their will to depict nature in a vivid and realistic manner. The butterfly, dating back from 1900, is a transformable comb turning into a brooch. A typical Art Nouveau piece, it reflects this time where art drew its inspiration from Nature and also Japan. This piece, first bought in the early 20th century, was then acquired by Elizabeth Taylor. The actress wore it at the 1976 Oscars Ceremony. 

The Maison also pays homage to its history through the presence of display cases inspired by the ones from the Paris Universal Exhibitions (world fairs). These events played an important part in the reputation of Frederic Boucheron: he indeed won the Grand Prix at the 1889 Universal Exhibition. Among the creations which were awarded was the Question Mark Necklace, invented ten years earlier. It was the first clasp-free necklace and the supple choker composing it marked a milestone in High Jewelry: it is a token of Maison Boucheron’s savoir-faire and innovation.

As true bridges between past and present, French culture and Japanese culture, the inside of these display cases were decorated by artist Miyouki Nakajima.

a playground for wladimir, the maison’s iconic cat

The staircase is the backbone of the building, leading the way through the immersion in Nature. It was designed as a vertical garden to be appreciated at every floor: offering a permanent view on an imaginary – yet extremely realistic – outside, it exposes visitors to the sounds and the light of the Boucheron Nature. It is also a playground for Wladimir, the iconic cat of the Maison, who has found refuge in this lush landscape.

the art of welcoming

Following the showcasing of the iconic Boucheron collections, customers will be able to see and try on most of the Maison’s creations. This floor reinterprets the intimate atmosphere of the Jardin d’Hiver of 26, Place Vendôme. The Maison appealed to TOHO LEO, a Japanese studio specialized in landscaping arrangement, to give the illusion of a true glass-wall: a soft dim light comes through the backlighting of the walls and ceiling.

booxi booknow button example

saying yes in the japanese tradition 

In a bright setting of curvy lines, lovers will discover the Engagement and Bridal creations of Boucheron amongst white trees. Made by YOY Studio – a collective of Japanese artists and designers – these trees were inspired by traditional ceremonies in Japan during which people hang a wish and pledge on the branches of the trees in the temple and shrine. These tree sculptures are subtle interpretations of birch trees: made in transparency, their surface is adorned with a lace evoking bridal gowns.

To complete this homage to ceremonies celebrating love in Japan, the Maison has developed an interactive experience called “The Wishing Tree”, in collaboration with Random Studio. In this forest dedicated to marriage, every couple will have the opportunity to write their wish: it will be translated, by technology, into an animation of sounds and light.

innovation at the service of dreaming

To end the journey, Boucheron has chosen to display their creations with the most innovative materials on the last floor of the Ginza boutique: the Innovation Lab. This space puts the spotlight on the Maison’s work on innovation, placing emotion at the heart of her creations. An artistic approach which won’t stop questioning the meaning of precious, defying the limits of the traditional High Jewelry industry.

At Boucheron, we have encouraged the freedom to create for many years, by doing our best to make things differently – by questioning the meaning of precious for example. I always start from a dream: what fascinates me afterwards is to find the most accurate way to convey and fulfill this dream. This means we always give ourselves the freedom to test and to play with new materials or unexpected techniques, never used before in High Jewelry, as long as they allow us to express this creative dream and to make it come true. 

Claire Choisne, Creative Director

In the Innovation Lab, visitors will discover the most innovative creations from Maison Boucheron. For each of these creations, visitors will have the exclusive opportunity to discover the creative process which led to their making, as well as samples of the innovative materials composing them.

At the opening occasion of the Ginza boutique, this convertible space will welcome the latest Carte Blanche High Jewelry collection, called More is More

The Maison is delighted to unveil three pieces from the More is More collection as an exclusive for the opening of the Ginza flagship: a capsule collection of three precious patches, depicting the Hokusai Wave, Wladimir the Cat and a Hydrangea. These exclusive pieces tell the love of Boucheron for Japan.

pieces celebrating this new journey 

In 2023, Maison Boucheron reinvents the jewelry box by presenting a new item composed of only two materials: aluminum and felt. The result of a reflection on the habits of the industry, this collection of 7 jewelry boxes opens a new chapter in the history of Place Vendôme. Launched at 26, Place Vendôme in June 2023, these new boxes will be offered in the Ginza boutique by its September opening.

launching of « no pack is the new pack » in ginza

In 2023, Maison Boucheron reinvents the jewelry box by presenting a new item composed of only two materials: aluminum and felt. The result of a reflection on the habits of the industry, this collection of 7 jewelry boxes opens a new chapter in the history of Place Vendôme. Launched at 26, Place Vendôme in June 2023, these new boxes will be offered in the Ginza boutique by its September opening.