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To preserve what is precious, our supply chain needs to be transparent. By going to the source, we can make sure that the metals and natural stones that we use have a positive impact at every step of the journey – and that we can support resilience in our sourcing communities and the environment.

We collaborate with suppliers and peers to create the industry-wide change that is needed.

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Most of the gemstones and precious metals that we use are found only in certain regions of the world. Their supply chains can be complex and opaque and present a variety of risks where they are mined. Poor extraction methods can lead to serious harm to the environment (water pollution, loss of biodiversity, etc.) and to people (health and safety risks, lack of living income,etc.). 

Many of the regions from which we source our raw materials are on the frontline of climate change and extreme natural events. Our sourcing communities are typically at risk of unpredictable weather, stress on soils, forests and fresh water, and unstable livelihoods for their people. There may be intense pressure on families to find all sources of income – sometimes at the expense of children’s education.

We have a responsibility to take a lead on improving lives in mining communities where we source and support them to adapt to climate change by building environmental and social resilience for a thriving future.

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by 2025

100 % traceability for key raw materials 

Our main aim is to ensure the highest possible standards throughout our supply chain. Our strategy to achieve this consists in uncovering the full traceability of our supply chain – by identifying all the actors and processes involved in each stage key materials go through before we buy them.

Boucheron set a target to have 100% traceability for its key raw materials by 2025; these include gold, platinum, diamonds and colored gemstones for the Jewelry line. This traceability will support a clear picture of the impact of our business on the planet and people in our supply chain in order to put in place direct actions to raise environmental and ethical standards. 

We regularly conduct a risk assessment within our strategic raw materials supply chains. This exercise includes the identification of risks related to human rights and fundamental freedoms, health and safety, ethics and the environment. Furthermore, our EP&L tool helps us to analyze raw materials data to identify the environmental impacts of key stages from our supply chain in different countries.

boucheron diamonds traceabilityboucheron diamonds traceability

the maison boucheron is rjc-certified

Since 2006, the Maison Boucheron has been a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). Certified with the Code of Practices of this international organization since 2011, the Maison demonstrates its commitment to exemplarity and transparency through its ethical, environmental and social conduct.

The RJC is a certification organization founded to promote responsible practices in terms of ethics, the environment and work conditions throughout the jewelry supply chain. The RJC has developed a standard of reference for the jewelry supply chain as well as reliable mechanisms making it possible to verify responsible corporate practices through an independent auditor.

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100% traceability for key raw materials by 2025

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100 % responsible gold

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