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Approximately 20 million people worldwide make their living from artisanal and smallscale gold mining (ASM).

Boucheron and Kering are therefore committed to limiting its purchases to gold obtained through activities that minimize harmful impacts on the environment, while generating opportunities for local communities.

our commitments

Since 2020, our gold is 100% responsibly sourced through the Kering Ethical Gold Framework, following a significant effort to increase this proportion since the Framework’s creation in 2015.

The Kering Precious Metals Fund totaled 2.5 metric tons in 2021, bringing the volume of responsible gold purchased to more than 8.5 metric tons since the platform was launched by Kering.

The Framework was created to procure responsible, ethical, conflict-free gold across the entire Group, in line with the Kering Standards.The second objective is to support responsible gold producers and contribute to their development. Mining communities are supported through the Kering Precious Metals Fund. 

Kering Ethical Gold FrameworkKering Ethical Gold Framework

supporting responsible artisanal mining

In 2021, about 95% of the gold we used was recycled, thereby reducing our environmental impact. Our recycled gold comes from selected refineries adhering to the Kering Ethical Gold Framework and certified RJC Chain of Custody. Furthermore, refineries have been audited on Business Ethics subjects. As for extracted gold, we conduct proper due diligence to ensure the recycled gold in our mix is responsible and conflict-free. 

The remaining 5% is sourced from selected verified, small-scale artisanal mines, which are either certified FairTrade, FairMined, or RJC CoC, or artisanal mines meeting Kering’s strict ethical and environmental standards. We purposefully maintain a portion of extracted gold with full traceability to proactively support responsible practice in the gold industry.

Kering Ethical Gold FrameworkKering Ethical Gold Framework

reforestation in french guiana 

Since 2018, Kering and Boucheron have been supporting a reforestation project in French Guiana to rehabilitate five gold mining sites.

Partnering with nature-based solutions experts Athys and ecological engineers Solicaz, we are investing in a long-term program to restore watercourses, enhance soilfertility, and support the return of native animals and forest species.

On top of responsible gold extraction through mercury-free processing and use of closed water circuits, this regenerative effort illustrates how gold mining can act to restore biodiversity.

In July 2021, close to 113,000 trees were planted over 70 hectares to help restore 100% of the mines territory. Furthermore, a biodiversity recovery monitoring program is in place. Nature is allowed to take back its place and the sites have seen the passage of large mammals and the return of ant and amphibian populations. Reforestation of additional sites as well as biodiversity programs are planned for 2022 onwards

reforestation in french guiana reforestation in french guiana 

our sustainability strategy