precious for the future

Request the precious.

This quest has guided Boucheron since its origins.

Obsessed by progress, we believe in designing a desirable future.

A positive and promising future for our people and the communities across our value chain. But also a resilient future for our planet. Our creations are crafted for eternity and we want to ensure they are passed down through generations while building a precious tomorrow.

Our sustainability framework, “Precious for the Future”, challenges us to  explore new ways to source, operate and create, in harmony with the ecosystem that surrounds us.

Hélène Poulit-Dusquesne, Chief Executive OfficerHélène Poulit-Dusquesne, Chief Executive Officer

"Precious for the future, which expresses how we want 
to build together a more beautiful tomorrow."

Hélène Poulit-Dusquesne, Chief Executive Officer

our strategy

Precious for the Future guides our action in three key social, societal and environmental areas where we know we have a significant impact and where we must drive positive change

raw materialraw material

raw material

Objective : 100% traceability for key raw materials by 2025.



Objective : by 2025, 40% reduction of our environmental footprint.

Boucheron Place ConcordeBoucheron Place Concorde


Objective : reach a 90% inclusion index score by 2025.

the boucheron impact report

Sustainable development is everyone's business.
Discover the fruit of several years of actions carried out within the various departments of the House.

boucheron fund for educationboucheron fund for education

boucheron fund for education

As we believe we share a responsibility for the development of mining communities, we established the Boucheron Fund for Education in 2021 to support several programs to build social and environmental resilience through education.
In 2021, we donated to the not-for-profit association PARTAGE for its Cantines du Monde project, operated by its local partner Bel Avenir, which helps to establish free school canteens providing nutritious meals for children in countries vulnerable to malnutrition. Our donation supported the school Ecole des Salines in Madagascar, providing free school meals to approximately 1100 children during a year. Having regular free school meals is another reason for parents to send their children to school and ensure they are allowed an education.

Photo credits: Bel Avenir