Boucheron Flagship on place Vendôme

26, place Vendôme: a unique townhouse

If Frédéric Boucheron could visit the Hôtel de Nocé today, he would be immensely proud. Decade after decade, his family home confirmed its reputation as the Mecca of Parisian High Jewelry. It was recently renovated with inimitable style. Step inside for a guided tour.

Setting up shop at 26, place Vendôme might have been a bold and visionary move for Boucheron, but it was an easy decision for founder Frédéric Boucheron, known for his ever-innovative creations. He established his business at the Hôtel de Nocé in 1893. The building went on to be listed as a historical monument in 1930. Later, it underwent complete renovations and reopened its doors at the end of 2018, still claiming its place as the epicenter of the Boucheron style. Designed like a family home, this private townhouse now invites its prestigious clients into an apartment where they feel right at home. 

Boucheron Flagship Place Vendôme entrance

Place Vendôme entrance

Showcased in a glass bubble, beautiful creations capture the eye as soon as you enter 26, place Vendôme. The chandeliers are crafted by Pierre-Yves Rochon and Lalique. A marble console and a piece of art from the Pinault collection complete the majestic setting. Welcome to the Maison, by Boucheron.

Rue de la Paix entrance

Listen closely and you just might hear the Countess of Castiglione’s footsteps echoing through the historic entryway of the Hôtel de Nocé. Located next to rue de la Paix, this entrance still features its antique cabochons and checkered stone floor. Representing Boucheron High Jewelry, the chandelier and its rock crystal birds eternally mock Wladimir, the Maison’s favorite pet cat.

Boucheron Flagship Rue de la Paix entrance
Boucheron Flagship escalier d’honneur (The Grand Staircase)

The escalier d’honneur (The Grand Staircase)

At first, it welcomed illustrious guests who seemed worlds apart, from the Shah of Iran to Édith Piaf, from Alexander III to the American Marie-Louise MacKay. But they shared the same passion: they all dreamed of obtaining a jewel as intense as their love. They were all on a quest for the extraordinary. In search of the absolute.

Today, you are the one stepping down the stairs, wearing one of the most amazing creations. Animaux de Collection, Question Mark or FleursÉternelles? Perhaps Wladimir, the Maison’s iconic cat, will guide you to Hans, the famous hedgehog of the Place Vendôme. Or you can choose the Question Mark necklace to enhance your neckline as if by magic. 

But let us not stray from the subject. The grand staircase is here to keep us on the right path, one that takes us through more than 160 years of history. A saga of a resolutely French and absolutely Parisian Maison whose committed creativity takes root wherever innovation embraces dreams.

Boucheron Flagship The Grand Salon (The Large Lounge) – ground floor

The Grand Salon (The Large Lounge) – ground floor

Bathed in light, this central room glows even more with your presence. The Grand Salon still features the now-restored neo-Louis XV walnut paneling chosen by our founder. An art nouveau rug in fifty shades, Warren Platner armchairs, a rock crystal chandelier designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon and crafted by Tisserant... Crystal-clear, like the Boucheron style. 

The Jardin d’Hiver (The Winter Garden) – ground floor

Fleur de Nuit or Fleur Éternelle? Does it matter, really? Your free, inspired, unique nature echoes the “triumphant nature,” Nature Triomphante, behind our creations. The Jardind’Hiver illustrates these strong roots. Flooded in light, framed by classically inspired architecture, it is an ode to nature and its animals. Furniture and plants, a green marble floor, a rug representing a bed of leaves, a coffee table made of petrified wood by Franck Chartrain, a work by artist Émilie Moutard-Martin… It all comes together to give free rein to our deepest nature.

Boucheron Flagship Jardin d’Hiver (The Winter Garden) – ground floor
Boucheron Flagship Salon Chinois (The Chinese Study) – ground floor

The Salon Chinois (The Chinese Study) – ground floor

French fascination for Chinese art made a comeback in the second half of the 19th century. The Salon Chinois of the Hôtel de Nocé reflects this movement. Seemingly suspended in time, it combines mysterious luxury and a hidden door. It was the Maison Boucheron’s first lounge. Everything here seems eternal. Everything is peaceful and opulent.

Boucheron Flagship  Salon de l’Horlogerie (The Horology Room) - mezzanine

The Salon de l’Horlogerie (The Horology Room) - mezzanine

Little was required to transform the mezzanine of the Countess of Castiglione’s apartment into a design studio – and that is exactly what Frédéric Boucheron did in 1918. Overlooking the retail spaces, the mezzanine would become the office of the Boucheron dynasty. Today, the Maison’s timepiece creations are presented here. Over the years, the Salon de l’Horlogerie has become a privileged place in our family home. Between past and present. Between history and modernity. 

The Salon des Lumières (The Room of Lights) – second floor

To truly dazzle, our High Jewelry creations need light. The Salon des Lumières gives them the showcase that they deserve. The displays are played down to fully reveal the jewelry, while the windows offer an unblocked view of the Place Vendôme.

Boucheron Flagship  Salon des Lumières (The Room of Lights) – second floor
Boucheron Flagship  Salon des Fiancés (The Bridal Room) – second floor

The Salon des Fiancés (The Bridal Room) – second floor

The renovation of the Hôtel de Nocé required in-depth research. The demolition of a modern ceiling revealed a sumptuous décor, restored with the help of archive photos. Today, the Salon des Fiancés offers a striking contrast between ultra-classicism and bold modernity. It reminds us that although love transcends eras and styles, it always deserves the utmost beauty.

The Salon des Créations (The Creation Room) – second floor

In a more colorful atmosphere, this third lounge in the Hôtel de Nocé holds the Maison’s exceptional archives. One of them recounts the Maharaja of Patiala’s visit to the Place Vendôme in 1928, when he placed an exceptional order for 149 jewelry sets adorned with diamonds, emeralds and rubies.

Boucheron Flagship Salon des Créations (The Creation Room) – second floor
Boucheron Flagship “26V” private appartment – third floor

“Le 26V” – third floor

When visiting Paris, some of our clients can now truly feel at home. “Le 26V” perfectly exemplifies the “family home” spirit that reigns over the Hôtel de Nocé. An exceptional living space where guests can stay, relax or enjoy a drink, eyes drifting over the Place Vendôme.

Head to the 3rd floor. After the vestibule, a nature-inspired dining room leads to a water-themed living room. The visit continues with a majestic bedroom that opens onto a private bathroom bedecked in white marble, like floating on a cloud. You can even admire the Place Vendôme and the Eiffel Tower from the bathtub.

Take your time. Hide out in the library of your Parisian apartment. Decorated with 18th century Chinese wallpaper, it reveals the best-kept secrets of the capital and those of our Maison.