no pack is the new pack

Maison Boucheron reinvents the jewelry case with a new design made entirely of two natural and recyclable materials: aluminium and wool felt. The collection of seven boxes is the result of an ambitious deconstruction of jewelry norms and opens a new chapter in the history of Place Vendôme.

a box durable and desirable

In 2021, the CEO Hélène Poulit-Duquesne challenged her teams to entirely reinvent the old case, which was too bulky, too heavy, came in 12 different formats, was made of 11 different materials and, above all, could not be recycled.

"You have complete creative freedom". From then, everything was rethought, deconstructed and reinvented to reduce the environmental footprint of the new object to a minimum. By limiting the number of formats, reducing the weight of the object by four and the number of materials to two, the Maison is actively working towards a more desirable future for the jewelry industry.

giving new meaning to the case, for today and tomorrow

Innovation and creativity were the watchwords for this project, which was initiated 2 years ago. With an eco-design approach, every stage in the life cycle of the new object was optimized to reduce its environmental footprint, from the choice of raw materials to their end-of-life. 

The result: a collection of cases imagined as design objects. Unlike traditional jewel cases, they can be displayed and collected, as precious witnesses to a committed approach


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