boucheron bridal fair

Engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and as a token of your love.

There are many reasons to give your loved one a  jewelry, but no matter the occasion, it is always with love in mind.

The Bridal Collection, with its wide range of designs, pays tribute to the traditions of Paris and offers couples a unique selection of rings that express their individual style.


solitaire rings

because of love

Boucheron celebrates alchemy.
When two people decide to merge their destinies and become one.
Glances meet and smiles are exchanged.
Secrets are told and joy is shared.
Two worlds come together, with nothing to separate them.
At their core, a jewel binds them.

Because of love

Love is confusing. How? Why? It is a difficult notion to explain. But everyone feels it. Each in their own way. It can be wise, sometimes foolish, tender, funny or romantic. Each love is different. And every ring is different. Find the one. When you see it, you’ll know it.
Because of love.

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