or bleu

This year, for the Carte Blanche High Jewelry collection, Creative Director Claire Choisne encapsulates the beauty of water for eternity.

an ode to the memory of water

Claire Choisne's inspiration came from the waters of Iceland. Strong, powerful and raw water. From a gushing waterfall, she has created a diamond necklace. Amid the crashing waves, shoulder jewelry is revealed. In the heart of a glacier, a bracelet of rock crystal seems to have been sculpted by the flowing water. 

behind the scenes


For "Or Bleu", it all began in Iceland. Discover how the beauty of these raw landscapes inspired Claire Choisne's Carte Blanche collection. These creations were echoed by two other artists: Jan Erik Waider and Molécule.

boucheron true stories


Water is precious. The Maison has brought together several speakers who share this vision in a series of podcasts. 

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