Animally yours

Hedgehog, snake, doe, chickadee or hummingbird, the extraordinary story of the Boucheron bestiary begins in its workshops in 1866. A procession of animals that has come to life in the hands of craftsmen over time. To choose it is to become attached to it. Whether it is strength or pleasure, sweetness, or power, it is for the individual woman to appropriate the friend which will free her temperament and assert her style.


A double row of cultured pearls tied with a diamond-paved jewel-clasp forming a spectacular choker, like an offering to Wladimir, a detachable feline brooch pendant. In white gold entirely paved with diamonds, the sapphire eye, the quivering mustache, the fur sculpted with a prodigious naturalness, and sporting a sparkling necklace of blue tanzanites, a piece that testifies to the mastery of volume at the Boucheron High Jewelry workshops.

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Wladimir le chat High Jewelry necklace - Animally Yours

Style tip #1

As captured in the material, Wladimir watches with an intense gaze of sapphires anyone trying to approach you. Its coat carved with gold and paved with diamonds makes it much more than a necklace.

What animal represents you best?

A deer, a cat, a hedgehog or a hummingbird...
Whatever animal inspires you, it’s time to set it free.
Reveal your true nature.


Suspended from the end of a white or yellow-gold chain, Wladimir is an adorable totem, a pendant with, long, finely sculpted diamond-set fur, itself sporting a tsavorite necklace. With its vivid gaze in green agate and tsavorites, irises in black sapphire, it coaxes on the wearer and is eager to get closer to other animals from the collection.

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Vladimir le chat pendants - Animally Yours

Style tip #2

White-gold or champagne fur coat, this pendant frees the feline that lies within you. Worn over a black turtleneck, a blouse with large collar, a suit waistcoat, or in the hollow of the neckline against bare skin, it can accompany you by day or be a wild animal by night.

Serpent High Jewelry bracelet - Animally YoursSerpent High Jewelry bracelet - Animally Yours


We open the doors of Maison Boucheron to you


Protective totems, this is the promise of these rings with majestic volumes and caressing curves. Deep irises in black sapphires, a gaze lit by green tsavorites, uncannily vibrant fur set with champagne diamonds, and a quivering nose of white diamonds, Wladimir wears a precious necklace set with a pear-cut diamond in its center.

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Vladimir le chat ring - Animally Yours

Style tip #3

Slipped on the index or middle finger, these felines give a cutting-edge to a sober look, a black jumpsuit with large pockets, nicely belted, but also know how to enhance a whimsical look, a silk dress with XL volumes for an evening look. 

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We will be delighted to welcome you so that you may discover and try on your favorite creations.

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